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Colonial Repression Martyrs Day 2019

Friday, January 4, 2019

Colonial Repression Martyrs' Day ia a important holiday in the history of national liberation struggle against the Portuguese colonial occupation.

Portugual occupied Angola in 1482 and administered it as its colony for about 500 years.

The ensuing struggle against colonization began with the uprising of the peasants who worked for the cotton company.

They demanded better living standards and working conditions, exemption of the tax and the end of enforced labor.

Portugual decided to repress the demonstrators and killed over 10,000 peasants on January 4, 1961.

This event caused a multi-faction struggle that spread all over the country and took the form of three national movements and a separatist movement.

These movements were stopped in 1974 when Portuguese regime Estado Novo was overthrown.

A new regime immediately stopped all military actions and declared independence from Portugal.

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